Design customer journeys in no time

With Marketing Star, creating campaigns becomes a breeze. Upload your audience, orchestrate, launch, and then get ready for impact. Easily build single-blast communications and multichannel customer journeys across multiple channels. Utilize diverse tools such as propensity scoring, A/B testing, lifetime caps, and more to tweak campaigns to perfection in minutes.

Single dimension campaigns

Send out targeted communications to your audience quickly and easily with a single dimension campaign (SDC). Choose one or more digital channels to deliver your message without the need for follow-up actions. Customize your communications for each channel to maximize engagement.

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Multi dimension campaigns

Maximize the impact of your brand's campaign with a powerful multi-dimension strategy. Automate your messaging with multiple steps tailored to your audience's responses and campaign design. With a multi-dimension campaign, you can utilize multiple channels and audience pathways to engage your contacts. From retargeting through email reminders to following up with WhatsApp messages for those who have opened your emails, the possibilities are endless.

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