Effortless QR code generation

It doesn’t take an IT team to cash in on the QR explosion. Marketing Star lets you adjust multiple aspects—destination URL, logo, and more—to generate the exact codes you need in no time.

Embed across multiple channels

Embed campaign QR codes into emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages, webpages, and more. Include them in print media and your product packaging so you can convert offline prospects into customers with digital interactions.

Enhance your multichannel marketing strategy

Generate thousands of QR codes quickly and easily. Run customized marketing campaigns with your brand identity that are presented through customers’ smartphones.

Re-engage through Email, SMS and WhatsApp

Capture demographic, geographic, and first-party data and integrate with CRM and social media platforms. Retarget and re-engage customers via Email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Analyze and attribute ROI

Track and trace your end-to-end customer journey from the first QR generation, to first scan, to conversion. Get complete attribution for your QR code campaigns.