Improving WhatsApp campaigns with Marketing Star

  • Posted on 01 June, 2023
  • By Jules Wang

A channel that’s here to stay

While its largest user bases are found in Asia, WhatsApp has already gained global significance as a social media and messaging app—with over 2 billion monthly active users that spend, on average, 38 minutes each day on the Meta product.

The same popularity extends to WhatsApp Business. Over 40 million users view a business catalog—a WhatsApp Business feature where the vendor can display their products for purchase. This reflects changing purchasing behavior among Gen Z and Millennial consumers—the largest user groups of WhatsApp—that have also shown eagerness to embrace Instagram Shopping, a similar feature from another omnipresent app.

Using WhatsApp right

WhatsApp is known for its immediacy, intimacy, and constant connection. We’ve seen creative applications of the messaging app to build rapport with clients, gather consumer feedback on new product releases, expedite transactions during the pandemic, and launch influencer-driven campaigns that drive participation in CSR campaigns and limited product collections. By using, WhatsApp Business, vendors can also accessvaluable insights including click-through rate, revenue generated, and conversion.

It sure sounds nice, but there’s the question that rears its head when trying to adopt a new channel: how much resources do I have to devote to it? It’s not hard to imagine the resourcestrain from having to manage all the group chats and monitor all the campaign metrics.

This is where Marketing Star can help.

How Marketing Star makes WA campaigns easier

Marketing Star is the answer togrowing brands’ need for streamlined automation. After setting up their account and uploading a target list, the user can access the full range of marketing automation features in one solution—customer journey mapping, campaign creation, and reporting.

WhatsApp happens to be one of the channels Marketing Star supports. Instead of building and schedulingindividual messages one by one, the user can save time by crafting multiple messages for divergentaudience journeys in one go.

As different channels become interlinked in the customer journey, the business will have to account for interactions occurring on, say, web and email when planning out their WhatsApp communication strategy.

Marketing Star supports the mapping of multichannel customer journeys, with divergent paths based on audience responses to optimize outcomes. Instead of thrusting WhatsApp to the frontline of every campaign, the user can plan its appearance based on audience actions that are most likely to happen in a specific scenario.

Here’s an example of a multichannel journey, where touch points are utilized to promote a new product.

In addition, Marketing Star offers A/B testing so users can optimize different combinations of campaign elements (e.g., timing, subject line, message content) and identify the best-performing mix.


It's safe to say WhatsApp has solidified its place as a major marketing channel, but are brands leveraging it effectively? To continue scaling communications, businesses have to introduce automation tools to streamline their efforts. Marketing Star weaves WhatsApp marketing into a multichannel mix, with accessible campaign creation and reporting features to minimize resource wastage.

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