The uniqueness of SMB marketing and how Marketing Star enhances it

  • Posted on 25 May, 2023
  • By Hari B

SMBs occupy a unique niche in the overall business sphere. On average, consistent growth for SMBs means overcoming issues unique to their segment, while also lacking the volume of resources and options a multinational conglomerate might have. What’s more, overcoming these hurdles is just half the battle won. SMBs also have to contend with their competitors in the same niche. With all this in perspective, how do SMBs pursue their goals without stretching themselves too thin?

Understanding SMBs

Before we begin exploring the challenges SMBs face in 2023, let’s define what constitutes an SMB in the context of this article. Taking a page out of Gartner’s book, SMBs can be classified based on two primary categories:

1. Annual revenue:

Small businesses: Less than USD 5 mn

Midsize enterprises: Less than USD 1 bn

2. Employee base:

Small businesses: Less than 100 employees

Midsize enterprises: 100-999 employees

With this perspective in focus, we can take stock of the common issues SMBs typically face in a hyper-competitive business atmosphere. We will also illustrate a few unique use cases that show how Resulticks’ out-of-the-box solution, Marketing Star, can help SMBs resolve these issues in the long run and jump start multichannel marketing.

The solution to SMBs’ challenges: Marketing Star

1. Data security & regulatory compliance: SMBs (especially those in the startup side of the ecosystem) face increasing pressure from customer bases to increase their regulatory compliance and data privacy standards to be on par with the big MNCs worldwide.

Fulfilling this need entails intensive resource investment, planning and execution, which might be beyond the reach of some SMBs depending on the niche.

  • Marketing Star offers top-of-the-line data privacy standards and regulatory compliance, including GDPR & HIPAA compliance, AES 256-bit encryption, anti-spam and multi-factor authentication. You get best-in-class security features right out of the box, at affordable rates.

2. Complex campaign system management: Most SMBs often lack the necessary resources, systems and/or management to orchestrate, manage and launch multi-channel campaigns with consistency. Those that can string together a framework often struggle with creating seamless, connected user experiences.

  • Marketing Star comes with complete support for single blast and multi-dimensional campaigns across Email, SMS, QR, and WhatsApp. This allows users to spend minimal time organizing and launching cutting-edge communications, all with plug-and-play simplicity.

3. Real-time response capabilities: Recent studies show that SMBs spend around 68% of their resources in day-to-day processes. As a result, many SMBs tend to miss out on ideal, time-sensitive opportunities to boost revenue and grow their audience

  • Marketing Star allows users to access their campaign performance metrics in real time from one seamless interface. Users can calibrate their campaign approach based on live audience response trends.

4. Flexible pay-as-you-go model: SMBs (especially those early in their digital maturity) may not be able to warrant spending significant amounts across multiple tools to keep their ecosystem afloat. Flexibility is a main selling point for these SMBs.

  • Marketing Star’s budget-friendly pay-as-you-go model offers SMBs the freedom to pay for the campaigns they deliver every month, so they can free up resources for other important business activities.

The SMB game-changer

Curating an ideal marketing solution ecosystem is crucial to overcoming the common pitfalls SMBs face in business growth. Marketing Star is engineered to specifically address these pain points and supercharge ROI for SMBs.

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