Instant orchestration, worldwide reach

With Marketing Star, managing a high volume of messages is a breeze. You can create SMS-only campaigns or seamlessly integrate SMS into your multichannel strategy from one interface. Worried about targeting different markets? Marketing Star lets you send messages to any location globally.

Real-time preview

Ensure your SMS messages meet your standards by utilizing real-time previews, message testing, and customizable approval workflows. With these features, you can avoid errors and deliver flawless content to your audience.

Perfection through A/B testing

Want to boost your SMS conversion rates? Marketing Star's A/B testing feature allows you to experiment with various campaign elements, including delivery time and content, until you find the perfect combination for maximum engagement and conversions.

Don't miss out on SMS conversion tracking

Unable to track your SMS campaigns? Discover how Marketing Star can help you effectively engage and re-engage your mobile audience to drive sales through SMS marketing and get the conversion attribution. Join the thousands of businesses that are driving sales through SMS marketing.