Marketing Star vs HubSpot: Choose the Right Solution for Success

HubSpot, one of the more popular and complex multichannel marketing solutions, might not be the most helpful option for addressing your marketing challenges. Consider Marketing Star as a cost-effective alternative for SMBs looking to jump start customer outreach programs, increase share of wallet, and accelerate top-line performance.

Why Choose Marketing Star?

More Channels, More Audience Insights

While HubSpot only offers three channels, Marketing Star offers six - QR, WhatsApp, forms, landing pages, emails, and SMS. By leveraging more channels, you can gain a better understanding of your customers, strengthen existing relationships, and facilitate relevant engagement.


Complimentary Onboarding and Support

Marketing Star offers a complimentary onboarding process at no extra cost, unlike HubSpot, which involves hidden costs. From initial sign-ups to product activation and first use, our dedicated team ensures that we provide the necessary resources and support for seamless change management.


More targeted Acquisition

HubSpot offers add-ons such as SMS, QR, and WhatsApp channels – at an additional recurring cost. You can access all these channels and more at no cost with Marketing Star, helping your business grow sustainably and profitably as it scales.


Customize and Streamline Multichannel Marketing

Marketing Star offers critical features required for multichannel marketing while also providing an option to customize and streamline your workflows. HubSpot requires its user to activate the tool as a full-stack solution. In contrast, Marketing Star provides you with the flexibility to pay only for the features you use. This allows you to allocate your budget more efficiently without worrying about technical complexities.


Easier for Your Lean Teams

Marketing Star leverages its real-time engagement tracking and comprehensive analytics to deliver high-quality audience insights into the hands of your teams. Your teams can easily access the data they need to make the most informed decisions.

Marketing Star vs. HubSpot: A Comparison
Account Setup/Admin/Preferences
Pay per use feature
Audience Management/Segmentation
List Segmentation
Dynamic Lists Add-on
SFTP Connect
Audience Targeting
Behavioural Targeting & Analytics
Campaign Creation
Create campaigns
Single dimension
Multi dimension
Campaign dashboard
Channel: Email
Channel: SMS Add-on
Channel: QR Add-on
Channel Landing Pages
Channel: Forms
Channel: WhatsApp Add-on
Campaign Analytics
Channel Analytics
Content library
Campaign templates
Nurtures/Engagement Programs
Marketing automation
Customer journey mapping
Event triggered actions
ABM Software
Tags Add-on
Email editor
Email Signup Forms
Drag and Drop Email Builder
Template Builder
Optimization & Testing Tools
Advanced Personalization
A/B Testing
Link Verification
Subject Line Split Testing
Click-Based Heat Map
Landing Page Builder
Ads Software
SMS Add-on
SMS Marketing Add-on
Social Media
Social Media Integration
Social Media Retargeting Add-on
Missing Out on Deep Analytics?

You could be hurting your own growth if you don’t know what your audiences want and need, so it’s critical to dive into diverse audience analytics. Versium’s integration with Marketing Star enables you to access high-quality accurate audience data, spot upselling opportunities, and identify key channel-level metrics for optimizing customer engagement.

The Right Solution Makes a World of Difference.

Marketing Star drives better marketing outcomes at a lower cost.

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