Marketing Star vs Klaviyo: Choose the Right Solution for Success

The right solution for your business will help you accelerate customer acquisition and share of wallet. Klaviyo is a marketing automation solution that’s ideal for email, SMS, and mobile push marketing. Although the tool is helpful, there are many gaps that can be addressed by Marketing Star, a DIY multichannel marketing solution. With Marketing Star’s powerful integration with Versium Reach, curated set of features crucial to successful SMB multichannel marketing, and unique pay-as-you-go model, it helps businesses start their digital transformation journey with a lower TCO.

How Marketing Star Fill in the Gaps

From Three to Six channels, Accelerate Multichannel Marketing


Engage Audiences across Channels that Matter

Reach audiences across six unique channels – twice the volume of Klaviyo’s. Beyond SMS, webforms and email, deliver multichannel interactions across three other popular channels: WhatsApp, QR codes, and landing pages.


Convert more Landing Page Visitors into Leads

Easily create landing pages with appealing templates that captivate your visitors. With our built-in landing page builder, design immersive, personalized content that nudges them to conversion.


Craft Emails that Inspire Action

Get insights on click-through rates, mailing scores, and multivariate testing to improve open and click rates.

Marketing Star vs. Klaviyo: A Comparison
Audience Management
Dynamic Lists Add-on
SFTP Connect
Audience Targeting
Behavioural Targeting & Analytics Add-on
Campaign Creation
Dynamic content Add-on
Create campaigns
Campaign Scheduling
Bulk Multichannel Communication
Advanced Multichannel Journey
Channel: SMS
Channel: Email
Channel: WhatsApp
Channel: QR
Campaign Analytics
Channel Analytics
Content library
Nurtures/Engagement Programs
Marketing automation
Customer journey mapping
Multichannel Marketing
Pre-build Templates
Email Signup Forms
Mailing Score
Time Zone Sending
Advanced Personalization
Template Builder
Landing Page
Test Preview
Streamline Laser-Focused Customer Experiences

Nurture Audiences through Their Purchase Journey

Build sophisticated, multi-channel journeys to keep your customers engaged on their conversion journey with our intuitive journey mapping tool.


Create More Focused Targeting

Create dynamic content, helping you to save time and boost your marketing efficiency. With a set of rule-based criteria, generate a consolidated list of prospects most likely to respond to your campaigns and outreach


Find Out What’s Working with Channel Analytics

Stay on top of your customer journeys—from acquisition to conversion and every touch point in between. Track campaign performances and customer preferences with channel-level insights and behavioral analytics to finetune your marketing efforts.

Higher Value at a Lower Cost

Adaptable to Any Budget

Klaviyo offers fixed plans, but Marketing Star allows you to buy only for the campaigns you run within a month. Our pay-per-use model accommodates different marketing budgets and allows you to get the most out of your marketing spend.


More Affordable as You Scale

Marketing Star offers significantly better deals as you scale up. Upgrade your plan to get access to larger audience sizes, more channels, and a built-in landing page builder at a lower cost.


More targeted Acquisition

Leverage Marketing Star’s integration with Versium Reach, a leading B2B and B2C marketing audience and targeting platform and tap into higher-quality audience data to create targeted audience segments for more focused acquisition.


Recognize your Customers without Cookies

Enhance Marketing Star with our cookie-independent solution, SmartDX. With quick time to action, identify unknown audiences and continuously nudge them on their paths to conversion with progressive profiling, single-touch attribution, and robust analytics on campaigns and audience behavior.


Speed Up Digital Transformation

Upgrade to RESUL, our CDP which has achieved a perfect score of 100% from the prestigious CDP Institute. It provides you with high-quality audience data and a more comprehensive suite of features to help supercharge your customer engagement.

Jump start multichannel marketing and increase revenue growth, in record time.

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