Power Up SMB Multi-Channel Marketing with Marketing Star

The Mailchimp marketing automation platform and email marketing service is great for customer engagement across web, mobile, and landing pages. However, if you want to accelerate engagement across more channels and with more robust features, you'll need Marketing Star, a DIY multichannel marketing engagement solution. With its diverse features, intuitive interface, and pay-as-you-go pricing, it helps SMBs speed digital transformation at a lower TCO.

Why Marketing Star?

Advanced Capabilities and Diverse Features


Boost conversions through six different channels

Create scalable campaigns that lead to conversions using six channels – twice the volume of Mailchimp's. They include QR, email, SMS, webforms, landing pages, and WhatsApp.


Effortlessly build captivating campaigns

Easily create and manage templates for emails, SMS messages, landing pages, and more without the need for technical expertise.


Dynamic segmentation for dynamic customers

Get real-time insights into your customers' recent purchases and actions. Make audience segments more robust by creating dynamic lists in addition to static ones.


Access more campaign & channel-level insights

With our intuitive campaign dashboard, obtain channel-specific insights, spam score checks, and pre-campaign metrics for SMS and emails.

Marketing Star vs. Mailchimp: A Comparison
Audience Management
Dynamic Lists Add-on
SFTP Connect
Audience Targeting
Behavioural Targeting & Analytics Add-on
Campaign Creation
Dynamic Content Add-on
Create Campaigns
Campaign Scheduling
Bulk multichannel communication
Advanced multichannel journeys
Campaign dashboard
Channel: Email
Channel: SMS
Channel: QR
Channel: WhatsApp
Campaign Analytics
Channel Analytics
Content Library
Multichannel Marketing
Marketing Automation
Customer Journey Mapping
Email Signup Forms
Drag and Drop Email Builder
Advanced Personalization
Spam score check
Template Builder
Landing Page
Flexibility and Value in One Solution
Scale Up Campaigns and Engage More Customers

Utilize flexible tools and dynamic personalization to orchestrate and scale up single-blast campaigns or complex multi-channel customer journeys.

Flexibility to Meet you Wherever you Are

Marketing Star gives you the flexibility to pay only for the campaigns you run within a given month, so you don't have to stick to a fixed plan.

Higher Initial Cost, But Lower TCO

With Marketing Star's advanced features, you'll get more value with a lower total cost of ownership. Not only do we offer two times the number of channels you can run campaigns through, but we also offer more email storage capacity, greater list volumes, and more contacts than Mailchimp. In addition, you can take advantage of the pay-as-you-go model for Marketing Star and only pay for the campaigns you execute.

Secure a Cookie-Independent Add-On

Consider incorporating SmartDX into your Marketing Star purchase. SmartDX is a cookie-independent solution that identifies unknown audiences and converts them into known customers.

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