How Marketing Star Can Help You Keep Up with Marketing Automation Trends

  • Posted on 16 June, 2023
  • By Nitin Sonkar

Marketing automation has gone from being a mere buzzword in presentation decks to a force to reckon with within just a few years. The numbers don’t lie either.Recent surveys show that brands that go all in on marketing automation witnessed a 76% uptick in ROI in a year.

With the right strategy and rollout plans, automating various aspects of your day-to-day marketing workflows can give a big boost to your long-term customer engagement, campaign efficiency, and ROMI. How will this trend benefit SMBs?

The Main Goal posts

To the inexperienced marketer, marketing is a means to an end. Marketing stars, however, know that the right automation tools can act as a launchpad to reach new heights of ROMI and engagement, when implemented correctly.

Today, marketing automation can assist brands in achieving:

  • Better CX and customer engagement
  • Cost-effective pipelines for core tasks (e.g. CRM, lead generation)
  • Multichannel campaigns backed by seamless data integration

At this juncture, it’s crucial to take scalability into account and developa plan that works for your business. A cascade of questions will follow. Which solutions can fill which gaps? How much can I stretch on automation budgets?

Here’s a different question, though: What if you could find one solution that ticks a multitude of your marketing automation boxes?

Marketing Star: Your stress-free ticket to better multichannel engagement

Marketing automation trends evolve in leaps and bounds within mere months, and staying up-to-date is a constant work-in-progress. Marketing Star’s mixof capabilities for campaign orchestration and analyticsis built for convenience andeasy access, so SMBs won’t need their IT team to enjoy the benefits of smart marketing automation.

Here are some of the solution’s key features:

Detailed campaign insights: Marketing Star delivers detailed reports on overall campaign performances and channel-level metrics, allowing the user to course-correct in an informed manner.

Support for multiple channels: Marketing Star’s channel mix encompasses Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and QRcodes, all popular among a variety of consumer segments. The plug-and-play UX facilitates a quick turnaround for campaign development and strategy optimization.

ROMI-oriented features: Marketing Star provides a number of intuitive features, such as A/B testing and pre-campaign analytics, to help marketers maximize theircampaign outcomes.

Attribute-based personalization: A relevant message, tailored to the customer, will go much further than a cookie-cutter communication.By giving marketers the option to customize messages based on attributes found in their upload target lists, Marketing Star meets that exact need.

Scalability and flexibility: Built on highly scalable edge and server less technology, Marketing Star can easily keep up with surges in communication needs. However, it does not force marketers to churn out more than they can handle, requiring payment for only messages they have actually sentout.

Be Future-Ready with Marketing Star

The power of marketing automation is within reach for SMBs that adopt the right strategy and technology. The demands of the new era are multifaceted, and Marketing Star offers an accessible path forward, with minimal hassle and instant impact.

Schedule a personalized demo to experience Marketing Star in action today.