Powerful alone, better together: SMS and Emails

  • Posted on 22 June, 2023
  • By Dhananjay Visvanath

What if we told you that the most powerful marketing communication channels remain the ones that were developed in the late 1990s and early 2000s? Email and SMS remain the primary channels of communication for brands world over—and they do not seem to be slowing down.

Considering that both email and SMS were the first step to digitalization, they remain the primary channels of communications for a majority of consumers with many still using the first email addresses and phone numbers they registered. For marketers, having access to these channels is essential to running successful marketing campaigns.

Over the years, there have been a number of solutions that marketers can choose from, but the major drawback has been that they are siloed. Email systems often provide the opportunity to disseminate a large volume of communications at a monthly fee, and SMS solutions follow the same spray-and-pray model that many, unfortunately, know too well.

The issue with siloed solutions lies in the fragmented customer journeys and a lack of additional features that allow marketers to perfect their campaigns, all while businesses are now encumbered with all these investments even if the systems do not live up to their full potential.

Having to manage a multitude of tools—some for reporting and others for campaigns—only adds to a marketer’s work. Drawing inferences from disparate email and SMS systems with varying analytics means that the marketer risksbeing left with an inconsistent view of their performances. Getting the disparate systems to align so that customer journeys, which open span multiple channels, can be mapped out? Even harder.

Bringing Email and SMS together will be a blessing in terms of convenience, and a variety of opportunities for more sophisticated interactions could open up. Instead of having to approach these two channels as distinct touch points, marketers can, for instance, adapt their emails based on how an individual has responded to a promotional SMS.

And this is just part of what Marketing Star, the streamlined multichannel marketing solution from Resulticks, offers. It also empowers the marketers to refine their communications with features such as A/B testing, subject line analysis, and detailed campaign insights.

What’s more, a pay-as-you-go model means that besides a minimal subscription fee, the marketer only has to pay for the campaigns that they have run.

So, the question we are asking marketers is this: why settle for siloed systems? See the Marketing Star difference for yourself now.